Welcome to PROMISE Software Engineering Repository. Here you will find a collection of publicly available datasets and tools to serve researchers in building predictive software models (PSMs) and software engineering community at large. The repository is created to encourage repeatable, verifiable, refutable, and/or improvable predictive models of software engineering. This is essential for maturity of any research discipline. Our goal is to extend this repository to other research areas in software engineering.The PROMISE repository was inspired by UCI Machine Learning Repository which has been extensively used by researchers in that field.
The extent that this repository can serve the software engineering community will depend on supports it receives from the community itself. We ask you to assist us with building this repository by donating your datasets and tools for public use. While we will be very happy to host your donated software and data on our web site, we recognize that in some instances they may already be available at alternative sites such as SourceForge. PROMISE repository will also maintain a list of links to other web sites that host related data and software. If you know of such sites, please send an email to our contact address below with relevant information so that we can add it our list.

Please include in your acknowledgment the assistance you received from this repository when publishing materials based on PROMISE datasets. This allows others to use the same data to replicate your results, and properly compare results obtained by different researchers. Here is a pseudo-reference when referring to this repository:
Sayyad Shirabad, J. and Menzies, T.J. (2005) The PROMISE Repository of Software Engineering Databases. School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa, Canada . Available: http://promise.site.uottawa.ca/SERepository

For LaTeX users, here is a BiBTeX citation:

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Contact: If you have suggestions concerning the repository send emails to promise AT site DOT uottawa DOT ca

The Text Analysis and Machine Learning Group provides support for hosting the PROMISE repository at School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa.